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Southwest Phlebotomy Certifications L.L.C. is a dynamic company specializing in phlebotomy training and certification. The best way to define phlebotomy is the "art" of drawing blood.

We take pride in training individuals with no experience in Phlebotomy as well as those who want to improve their skills. Nurses, Medical Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, Emergency Medical Personnel, anyone who wants to improve their existing skills or learn new skills will benefit. Our company consists of experienced professionals who provide students the personal attention they need to succeed. The training is "hands on", doing live sticks where all applicable safety techniques are stressed.

In addition, training in bloodborn pathogens, OSHA regulations, hazards, and basic venous anatomy are covered.

Our goal is to share our experiences in the field of phlebotomy to produce a student whose skills are exceptional and whose understanding of safety and correct techniques will make them a "standout clinician" in any healthcare setting.

We impress on every student that the best phlebotomists treat all patients with respect, both with the spoken word and the techniques they use.

We understand that some individuals are nervous when it comes to trying a new skill especially when it involves needles and blood. Our specialty is respectful help for the student who has these fears.

We are excited that you have considered our company and hope to see you soon in a city near you

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Certification Pricing.

Certification Pricing.

Course Fee:$400

Reserved Seating:$100

NOTE: This fee only reserves a seat and the remaining $300 is due prior to starting the class.

Optional: MedCA Exam: $159.00
We have had to raise the price of the MedCA pricing due to rising costs.

This is for a 2 year certifivatio on successful completion of the exam.

MedCA Exam Study Guide
Class Information.

Class Information.

Class Length: 2 Days

The dates listed below are the start date of each class.

All Classes are Saturday & Sunday - from 7:30am to 6:00pm

Beginning from 10/04/2019, a refresher class is 200.00

Please note that the 100.00 deposit is not refundable, no exceptions

Mission Statement.

Mission Statement.

Southwest Phlebotomy Certification's goal is to provide unsurpassed excellence in training phlebotomists to provide both excellent patient care and accurate test specimens in an atmosphere that is professional yet comfortable enough to build confidence for all students.

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- Southwest Phlebotomy staff